This is a interesting fact that someone did buy domain name but that was only for a minute. Google did pay a good amount of money to Mr. Sanmay Ved a researcher from india who than give away that money to charity which helps in educate poor children. For […]

Google reveals how much it paid to get back ...

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The Apple iPhone’s smartphone is one of the best of its class however it does have limitations to its capability in capturing perfect moment of your choice. It’s lens has fixed focal length because of it your iPhone smartphone can’t take images that are truly candid or wide-angle. There are […]

Top 10 Smartphone Camera Lenses 2016-2015 for iPhone and ...

Great News the world is about to see the the cheapest smartphone in the world of smartphone history that anyone can afford which will cost only $15 or 999 Rs may be less than that. If you been paying a huge amount of money for buying a basic smartphone that […]

Cheapest Smartphone in The World at Price of $15 or ...

Here is the list of 6 ways to speed up your android smartphone   Almost everyone uses Android Smartphone these days right from young kids to old age grandma, these phones are easy to use and have user friendly features. After using android smartphone for some days, smartphones get slower and […]

How to Speed up an Android Smartphone

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1. Samsung Galaxy Note 4    The samsung galaxy note 4 was released worldwide on october 2014 adding to the Samsung Note series. The korean giant introduce the first big screen smartphone which is also known as phablet for the first time in the note series. Company also introduce variant […]

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Finally OnePlus Has Launched OnePlus X     OnePlus always been the best in budget smartphones but its new smartphone “OnePlus X” could be the killer of all time as per the value for money in mid-range phones.    The Chinese firm launched the OnePlus X on Thursday November 29 […]

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Next Keyboard is must have app for those who have iphone 6s which is easily available at app store. In case you’re one of those humans that are thinking about switching from your iPhone to an Android tool based totally on the many issues you have got with the iPhone’s […]

Next Keyboard: Apple iPhone 6s Best App For Keyboard

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Camera51 This best app been manufactured by Forbes Camera51 though apple has done a lot of hard work to make its hardware and software better but this app simply takes over apple’s feature and design. This fantastic app helps its user to take photos in an easy way but it […]

Camera51: Apple iPhone 6s Best App For Camera

Apple personal pickup service has solid reputation for its customer service. This time they are going international in Apple Personal pickup service. It was only available in United States so far but from November on wards this service will be available in United Kingdom, France, Australia and other countries for […]

Apple Personal Pickup Service: Will Become Global Service Soon

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Here is a List of The Top 10 Upcoming Smartphones 2016   Well the marathon for the upcoming smartphone 2016 already has started right from Galaxy S7, LG G5, Xperia Z6, Nexus, iPhone 7 and Lumia 940. As rumors are already floating about the upcoming smartphones key specs and dimensions. […]

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